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Georgian wine traditions have counted for centuries, our company strives to be worthy of these traditions and provide high quality products to consumers in Georgia and abroad. The fusion of experience and the latest technologies is a perfect premise for making sparkling wines of excellent taste. In attaining high-quality wines a significant contribution is made by company employees. Our grape is carefully selected by varietal purity and quality. Here we should note one of the rarest varieties of wine called Usakhelauri. It grows in the highlands of Racha-Lechkhumi.

                Usakhelauri is a wine of dignity, intense color and a very particular quality. In addition, it has been proven that a moderate intake of Usakhelauri improves the functioning of cardiovascular systems. Our wine makers carefully control the whole process from receiving the grape to bottling.

                Our company represents a wide spectrum of Georgian traditional wines and other alcoholic beverages.

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